Michael R. hicks

I don’t work at NASA, but sure wish I did!

I’m not a renowned stock analyst (if there really is such a thing), nor have I ever worked in a brokerage. I’m a student of the stock market, and – like many – have suffered my share of painful lessons and lost more than a few pennies along the way.

In the process, I’ve learned how to make money in the market without giving myself an ulcer,¬†popping a vessel, or losing my hard-earned capital. Fear and greed are no longer factors in my investing. I started this site as a means to share those insights with others who have been suffering through similar struggles or those who want to avoid them from the beginning.

My strategy combines¬†technical chart analysis to help with market timing and Robert Lichello’s Automatic Investment Management (AIM) system for managing buys and sells. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but it’s straightforward and, given time, it works. When the price of a stock in my portfolio tanks, I start accumulating shares; when the price heads back up, I accumulate cash. Buy low, sell high!