Added URRE To Watch List

A stock I added to my watchlist today is URRE, Uranium Resources Inc. I was actually thinking of taking a position in this about a week ago – too bad I didn’t, right? Well, that’s okay. It looks like it’s going to pull back and probably consolidate a bit, so if I get a bit of extra moolah I’ll open a position.

Be advised, however, that URRE is definitely a very speculative play, and is (IMHO) largely driven by politics, rather than fundamentals. URRE has suffered several dilutions, the most recent having been in April 2016, and the monthly chart looks terrible, as you can see below:

However, if we can secure a reasonably decent entry position in this sucker, this stock could provide some serious return if the price isn’t crushed further. Again, HIGHLY SPECULATIVE, so if you want to try this bad boy, don’t back up the truck and dump out your capital, and make sure you wait for a good entry position. Good luck!

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