January 2017 Shopping List: ASYS, BIOS, GIGA, IMGN, MNGA

This is my shopping list for the end of January 2017. These stocks were taken from my watch list, and I put them on the shopping list if, by month’s end, the latest close is above the previous month’s high and it’s coming up from the oversold zone on either the monthly CCI(20) or RSI(5). Keep in mind that this doesn’t guarantee that the stock might not drop the next month, but it does guarantee that you’re not buying anywhere near the long-term tops, LOL! Also, if you’re an AIM investor like me, the entry point isn’t nearly as critical as it is with other systems: if the stock takes a major beating the month after you enter, you just take cash from your reserve to buy more shares and add to your position.

ASYS: I’m taking a 50% position on this the morning I write this, on 31 January.

I entered MNGA on 26 January:

I actually entered BIOS on 4 January, but would have done better to wait until now (end of month). Again, however, AIM doesn’t require precise entry, so I’m not concerned.

I entered GIGA on 26 January:

I happened to enter IMGN on 3 January, which was handy, as I came in at $1.91 and was able to sell some shares and set aside more cash at $2.48, but the upside potential, as you can see from the chart, remains huge.

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