Charts for my picks of the day are found below. Entry is one penny above the previous day’s close, with a protective stop set below the swing low indicated by the green arrow. My exit strategy is typically to sell half the shares at mid-channel, then add a 2ATR trailing stop as an exit to the remainder of the position.

3 Responses to “Today’s Watchlist: AMC, EGLE, GPRO, NMM, ONTX, OSIR, PRMW, PBYI, YELP

  • Just signed up to your site. So, do you send out alerts when you actually buy anything on your watchlist for the day? Also, are the arrows on your graph a buy point?

    You see, I trade like you. I wait for a major trend line, but I also wait for a confirmation of a reversal from that trend line. Basically a bounce off support. I found you through Stocktwits because I typed in AMC, which is on your watchlist today. I have a buy order on this.

    • Hi, Nick! As you can see if you looked at much of the web site, I’ve just started doing watchlist picks, and will soon offer those through the newsletter (free). I use inflection points along channel boundaries + support zones and the CCI(20) to gauge entry points with protective stops at the most recent swing low, and channel paths for partial/full exits. Right now I’m actually only paper trading this myself, as I’ve got all my capital wrapped up in equities using another, longer-term, system and am waiting for some to be freed up to get back into technical trading. In the meantime I’ve started to pick out stocks that I *would* consider putting money into and sharing those for anyone who’s interested. 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply. I’ll be checking your site daily to have a look at your picks. All the best.

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