Watchlist for 21 December 2016: FCSC, NVIV, JCI, NEPT, NUAN, SCON

My picks for the 21 December watchlist lean toward volatile stocks, so be careful taking a shot at some of theseĀ unless you have a fairly high risk tolerance. The downside with volatile stocks is that they can move against you quickly. On the other hand, they can also make money fast. Hopefully we’ll do the latter!

NVIV just put in a triple bottom (tends to be very bullish) along a channel that dates back to early February, so we’re looking for a good rebound here. While we’ll use ourĀ revised exit strategy, you might also want to consider adding a sell stop for half of your position a bit below that downtrend line. I hope that NVIV will break out over that and move higher in the main channel, but you never known. Entry stop = 4.36, protective stop = 4.08.

JCI is in the upper range of what’s been a rather sloppy channel, and is making a bounce off of support at around $42.00. Entry = 42.88, protective stop = 41.93.

NUAN has landed on a historically important support/resistance zone, and may be in the process of forming a rising channel (which has yet to be confirmed). We’re going to try and use that to our advantage. Entry = 15.31, protective stop = 15.05.

Like NUAN, NEPT is sitting on a huge support zone. Entry = 0.99, protective stop = 0.94.

This is a bit more of a lotto play than I’d normally take, but I think the risk/reward justifies it. While we’ll use our price channel-based trailing stops, I’d also consider taking some profit just below the downtrend line. Entry = 1.29, protective stop = 1.16.

Last but not least, FCSC looks like it’s made a double bottom and is forming a rising channel. Entry = 0.75, protective stop = 0.59. NOTE: In cases like this where there’s a fairly large spread between the entry and stop, reduce your overall position size to reduce your exposure to risk if the trade goes against you.

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