Watchlist For 27 December: BLCM, GOL, NLNK, PANW, PBYI, RDUS, SID, TGTX, WYNN, XLRN

My watchlist for 27 December is a bit larger than typical, mostly because of some promising upturns in the healthcare sector. Let’s take a look:

BLCM has just bottomed outĀ in a nice rising channel with corresponding support, with a potential rise of about 25% to the mid-line and . Entry = 14.62, protective stop = 13.50.

GOL is in a rising channel that’s a bit sloppy, but price has just made a reversal off of a very strong support zone. The potential gain is over 50% to mid-channel and about 110% to the upper boundary. Entry = 12.64, protective stop = 11.54.

NLNK just made a big bounce from it’s lower channel boundary. There’s a good chance this will break out above the downtrend line, but – of course – that’s not guaranteed. If it gets rejected, it may drop back down to the lower boundary before an upward reversal or breakdown. Use a smaller position size for this one because of the larger spread between the entry point and protective stop. Potential gain is around 20% to the midline and about 50% to the upper boundary. Entry = 11.00, protective stop = 9.88.

PANW just tagged the lower trend line/channel boundary and started what looks like a reversal that could take it around 15% to the mid-line and 30% to the upper boundary. Entry = 127.41, protective stop = 123.57.

I was stopped out of a trade I entered on the 19th in PBYI. I suspect that was becauseĀ I hadn’t figured out the defining points of the channel (which are NOT carved in stone), but after a little more squinting at it and playing with the lines, I decided it was worth another shot. Potential gain is 60% to the mid-line and 125% to the upper boundary. Entry = 33.81, protective stop = 32.00.

RDUS just made a bounce from its lower channel boundary, and has the potential for about a 25% rise to the mid-line and 55% to the upper boundary. Entry = 39.77, protective stop = 37.15.

SID just tagged a support zone and the lower trend line of a nicely rising channel, with a potential gain of 35% to mid-channel and 75% to the upper boundary. Entry = 3.05, protective stop = 2.81.

TGTX is a lower probability trade based purely on support. I’ve shown the weekly chart, above, to illustrate where the support is coming from. Entry = 4.91, protective stop = 4.50.

WYNN has tagged the lower channel boundary and a decent support zone for a low-risk entry point, with a potential gain of about 20% to mid-channel and 40% to the upper boundary. Entry = 88.35, protective stop = 87.70.

XLRN is making a nice bounce/reversal from its lower channel boundary, with a potential gain to mid-line of about 45% and about 100% to the upper boundary. Entry = 27.33, protective stop = 25.14.

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